With a number of activities, this year we continue with the tradition that began in 2020 - the promotion of guitar luthiers, both from Croatia and abroad. The event called The “Best Guitar” Morning will present the guitars by luthiers who will participate. During the presentation, the guitars will be played by Petrit Çeku.

The event is conceived as follows:

1. Guitars will be tested individually by performing one fragment from two stylistically different compositions on each guitar individually.

2. Guitars will have their working name or alternate name, while the name of the luthier will not be stated in the announcement. In this way, testing will remain anonymous until the end of the scoring.

3. The score scale is from 1-10 through 6 elements important for guitar selection:
- volume
- balance and quality of registers
- sound colours variety
- sound duration
- vibrato quality
- tuning accuracy

4. For this occasion, we provided an acoustically convenient venue, with the presence of the audience and the jury whose members are renowned guitarists and concert artists. We also count on the presence of the competition's participants, primarily in professional categories.

Before the highest-scoring guitar is revealed, a moderator will present each luthier separately: where they are from, their opus size, specific innovations they use, role models, materials etc. The whole description will be stated according to the wishes of the luthiers themselves. After the luthiers are presented, the highest-scoring guitar (or two) will be announced. The scoring of other guitars will not be made public.

If You are someone who recognizes the quality of this type of promotion, we would like to invite You to take part in this event with Your guitars. The participation fee is 70€ and it includes:

Ø the opportunity of a two-days public display of Your instruments in the area of the Competition and the most significant events of the entire Festival

Ø publishing your participation (with your consent) and promoting Your guitars on our website and social networks

Ø Free entrance to all concerts and other festival events

The hall where the event of The “Best Guitar” Morning will take place, as well as the competitions, is the large hall of the Lavica Hotel, with appropriate acoustics and space conditions.

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