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Tribute to Ida Presti (1924 - 1967)

As a child, she was a prodigy. Thanks to her father who was an excellent musician she discovered guitar when she was only six. By the power of divine intuition she mastered the virtue of playing and achieved respectable solo career at a very early age. And while the great Andres Segovia had been revealing  guitar secrets to the musical world, fighting for its status and equality with other classical instruments, Ida Presti took advantage of her virtuosity and peculiar instrumental technique that opened the way to the so-called French guitar school. Her career took a different direction after meeting Alexandre Lagoya and their musical and life unification. After their performing together over the next decade, the new medium has been affirmed at the world music scene – guitar duo. Their rich concert performance ended in 1967 with sudden and premature death of Ida. The musical world lost the artist of wide horizons, impressive life energy, unique talent and amazing charisma. Many great composers, such as Poulenc, Torroba and Duarte devoted their works to her. Today, after more than 50 years, she remains a great inspiration to the upcoming young guitarists and is rightly called the greatest Dame of Guitar.  We would like to thank the family of Ida Presti, her son Sylvan and granddaughter Isabelle, who have shown us great honor and trust by supporting this competion to be named after her.

4th International Guitar Competition Ida Presti Samobor, Croatia 8 - 10 March 2024

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Concerts and events

  • Friday, 8.3.2024.
  • 8:00 PM, Parish Church of St Anastazija

    concert: Zoran Dukić, guiar

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  • Saturday, 9.3.2024.
  • 17:00, Prica Gallery

    Revue of the Youngest Players

    -a concert by the youngest guitarists (up to 10 years of age)

    19:00, Prica Gallery

    Ida Presti – a legend! the centenary of her birth

    Isabelle Presti, Ida Presti's granddaughter, will mark the centenary of her grandmother's birth with a lecture on life and legacy of the legendary guitarist. 

    20:00, Prica Gallery

    concert: Hommage a duo Presti-Lagoya

    -a concert of guitar duos, who will perform pieces written by Ida Presti or pieces which used to be performed by the Presti-Lagoya guitar duo

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  • Sunday, 10.3.2024.
  • 10:30 AM, Prica Gallery

    The Best Guitar Morning

    -the event titled "The Best Guitar Morning" will feature guitars made by builders who apply to participate, with Croatian guitarist Petar Čulić performing on the guitars. The project aims to draw attention to the craftsmanship and artistic value of instruments and to popularize guitar making as an artistic discipline.

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    16:00, Prica Gallery

    FINALE /solo professionals


    19:30, Prica Gallery

    Closing ceremony

    -closing ceremony: the premiere of a new piece composed by Šimun Čarli Botica for a special prize winner of the 3rd IGCIP (2022); award ceremony and announcing of the professional category winner
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Petrit Çeku (Kosovo)


Isabelle Presti (France)

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Boško Radojković (Serbia)

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Moreno Vinceković (Croatia)


Ivana Trogrlić Mandić (Croatia)


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Tomislav Vasilj (Croatia)



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