She began elementary music education in Samobor, at the Music School "Ferdo Livadić", in the class of prof. Vesna Faullend Heferer. At GU "Elly Bašić" in Zagreb, she finishes high school in the class of prof. Ante Čagalj. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Zagreb in the class of prof. Istvan Römer.

During her studies, she won numerous awards at important domestic and international competitions as a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles. She trained with world-renowned guitarists such as Jordi Codina, Zoran Dukić, Joaquin Clerch and others.

She was a long-time member of the Zagreb Guitar Quartet. She also realizes her love for chamber music through collaboration with flautist Vlatka Šplajt, with whom she performed at the Darko Lukić Tribune in 1998. In the same year, they received the University of Zagreb Rector's Award for special achievements in the field of musical art. She collaborated with saxophonist Tomislav Žužko and in the guitar trio Amicorde with Morana Pešutić and Anđel Jerkunica. In the desire for a slightly different musical expression, together with Gordana Šuštić - accordion and Carmen Stepić - voice, in 2005 she started the trio "As bruxas fatais" which nurtured and performed the music of Latin America. Over time, the trio evolved into a quartet with double bass - Ivan Domović and new members on harmonica - Ivan Kuruc and finally Maja Bandalović, and the repertoire was expanded to include their original compositions.

She has been working as a guitar pedagogue at the "Ferdo Livadić" Primary School for more than twenty years, and for eight years she also worked at the Brežice Primary School in Slovenia. Her students won prizes at county and state competitions as soloists and in chamber ensembles, and some of them became successful graduated musicians.

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