4th Solo Category

If you are applying to this category you are one step closer to become true professional guitarist. For those who have achieved a winning streak in the lower categories so far, each new competition is a demanding chalange: expectations are bursting in all directions. Try not to burden yourself with things like what others expect of you, and keep in mind that competition is only a part of your development story, not just a purpose in itself. On the other hand, if you have not competed so far and now you are finally going to, that means you are a winner already. Because of your courage and strong decision. Any recognition will be welcome, but the preparation process is what will raise your level of playing. You are investing your time completely, your emotions and your energy. At least one member of the jury will recognize it. Furthermore you will have a chance for private jury class and get a descriptive grade. These conversations are often far worthier than mere points.

3rd Solo Category

Ah, that 3rd category! This one covers the range from 14 to 17 years. In Croatia and in the wider region it applies to high school students of or to the final grade of primary music school. Do not forget that a well chosen reportoare might be 50% of your success.. Thereby, you are advised to have boundless confidence in your guitar teacher, particularly in his own selection and evaluation of the pieces you are supposed to compete with. Perhaps your enthusiasm for a certain piece will result in choosing a repertoire that you are not up to yet. If this happens, try to strike a balance between that beloved and demanding composition and the rest of the program, which in that case should be technically simpler.

2nd Solo Category

You are already a trained guitarist and there is a serious task ahead of you. The competition is supposed to be an incentive to master many challenges in the classical guitar technique. Thanks to your diligent guitar practice, you are able to dedicate yourself to longer musical forms such as themes with variations. Small formes are also widely represented in the guitar literature. Therefore a piece of that kind will certainly spice up your competition program.

1st Solo Category (up to 12 years old)

The first category includes young guitarists who turn 12 in 2024, or younger. The latter should not be discouraged, especially those who started recently, two or three years ago. Maybe their skills are not sufficient yet for the more demanding repertoire. Nevertheless, do not forget that even a very simple piece can demonstrate musicality, a sense of phrasing, a beautiful sound, an understanding of musical forms, and above all, the joy of making music. This is something that every jury rewards.

The Revue of the Youngest (up to 10 years old)

For those under 10, this may be the first competitive performance of their lives and it will be remembered for a lifetime. Therefore, we are opening the festival this year with the Revue of the Youngest. They will present themselves as soloists and few will be brave enough to play in a duo. Furthermore, in the Revue category the youngest guitarists can also perform by their teacher guitar accompaniment, which is a particularly enjoyable music experience! This is an early and, before musical college probably the only opportunity to perform with an accompanist! In this category, each brave candidate will be awarded but only one solo and one duo performance will be additionally awarded special prizes.